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CoolSculpting vs. CoolSculpting Elite: Which Offers Better Results?

By Colleen Lynch


Article At A Glance

  • CoolSculpting Elite is a faster, more targeted fat reduction with dual applicators and enhances comfort than traditional CoolSculpting.
  • CoolSculpting Elite is cost-effective and painless for hard-to-reach fat; CoolSculpting is better for near-target weight.

If you have been considering fat contouring procedures, you may have heard about CoolSculpting vs. CoolSculpting Elite. These two methods can reduce the appearance of unwanted fat cells to create a toned and sculpted appearance. With that in mind, the Radiant A MedSpa team is here to discuss the differences between CoolSculpting and CoolSculpting Elite. 

What Is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a new non-surgical treatment method meant to reduce unwanted body fat. CoolSculpting uses a special process called cryolipolysis to freeze fat cells to destroy them. The body then removes these dead fat cells, reducing the appearance of body fat. 

CoolSculpting is a versatile method that can remove fat from the following areas of the body:

  •  Flanks
  •  Abdomen
  •  Back fat
  •  Bra fat
  •  Underarms
  •  Thighs
  •  Buttocks

CoolSculpting has been around for over a decade and has become a popular non-surgical fat reduction and removal method.

Difference Between CoolSculpting and CoolSculpting Elite

CoolSculpting Elite is a new, improved version of the CoolSculpting method that is more effective for removing fat. The main difference with CoolSculpting Elite is it uses dual applicators to provide more efficient and targeted fat reduction in the treated area. This small change can make a world of difference and make CoolSculpting that much more effective. 

Moreover, CoolSculpting Elite uses up to seven different applicators with different shapes. The enhanced cooling makes the entire procedure faster, quieter, and more comfortable. The advanced technology has taken cryolipolysis treatments to the next level. 

Benefits of Using CoolSculpt Elite Over Traditional CoolSculpt

Below are just a few benefits of CoolSculpt Elite over traditional CoolSculpting. 

• Enhanced Applicators for Superior Body Contouring

CoolSculpt Elite uses up to seven different applicators to target awkward spots of the body and body parts, like underneath the arms and underneath the chin. The enhanced targeting of CoolSculpt Elite makes results more precise and localized. 

• Enhanced Technology and Efficiency for Fat Reduction

CoolSculpt Elite is more effective at removing fat compared to traditional CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting Elite can eliminate up to 25% of targeted fat cells compared to 18% to 20% of regular CoolSculpting. More efficient fat reduction means shorter sessions and faster applications. 

• Shorter Treatment Time and Faster Results

Regular CoolSculpting sessions can take up to an hour to treat a single body part. CoolSculpting Elite can cut that appointment time nearly in half, meaning you can target multiple body parts in a single session. 

• CooSculpting Elite Reduces Discomfort

The more powerful and precise fat targeting from the dual-plate array reduces discomfort during procedures. CoolSculpting Elite is virtually painless, as there is little to no pinching feeling or coldness. You’ll be done with your session before you even know it!

• Safer and More Effective for Fat Freezing

CoolSculpting Elite is a non-invasive and completely safe method of fat freezing. It does not damage the skin, and the body disposes of dead fat cells in a few days. Even better, it requires no recovery, and you can immediately go about your day after a session. 

• Cost-Effective Body Contouring Treatment

Compared to surgical options, CoolSculpting Elite is much more cost-effective. CoolSculpting Elite provides permanent results for an affordable price, making it a popular treatment for many people. 

Improved Treatment Areas: Targeting More Body Parts With CoolSculpting Elite

CoolSculpting certain parts of the body can be awkward with regular CoolSculpting applicators. CoolSculpting Elite allows more precise and targeted sculpting to get the results you want. You can target fat in your love handles or thighs to get your desired body shape. 

Which Treatment Is Right for You?

So which is better: CoolSculpting vs. CoolSculpting Elite? CoolSculpting Elite is superior because it takes less time and is more comfortable. CoolSculpting might be a good choice if you have more fat than skin and are within 30 pounds of your target body weight range. CoolSculpting takes about three to six months to see complete results.  

CoolSculpting Elite is better if you want to perform fewer sessions or want targeted fat sculpting in awkward areas of the body, like the jowls or underarms. CoolSculpting Elite can provide all the benefits of traditional CoolSculpting faster with more effective results. 

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